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Boating Safety Tips

by Marian Contagio

People who own or rent a boat enjoy being on the water.
It doesn't make any difference whether it is cruise on a
river in a motorboat or rowing a simple boat on a quiet
pond. The combination of water, sunshine, and the company
of friends makes for a delightfully pleasant time.

However, there is responsibility associated with piloting
any type of watercraft, no matter how simple or how many or
few people are on board. The person in charge must inform
everyone else of the appropriate safety information and
ensure that all on board follow proper safety procedures
such as the following:

1. First and foremost, the concept of don't drink and drive
applies to the water as well. The person in charge of the
boat must not drink before or during the boat trip. In
reality, no one onboard should be drinking while out on the
water. Most boating accidents can be blamed on alcohol
impairing the judgment of the pilot in command of the boat.
No one on board should be under the influence of drugs or

2. Life-saving equipment is required for every passenger.
There must be a life preserver on board for everyone,
especially children. Children should be wearing a life
preserver sized appropriately for their age. Check that all
life preservers are on board before leaving the dock and
that each passenger knows where the safety equipment is

3. Make sure that all passengers behave properly. There
sometimes is a tendency to leave civilization on shore and
people may want to yell or roughhouse while on the water,
perhaps throwing someone overboard. Of course, such
childish behavior can lead to serious accidents and should
not be tolerated.

4. The pilot in command of the boat must be aware of the
boating laws governing the body of water. States may have
different laws and it is a person's responsibility to
become aware of local laws. Some of these regulations
include speed limits, wake limits, and signaling conventions.
Safe operation of the boat requires following local laws.

5. Weather is frequently a factor in boating accidents.
Summer weather on a lake can be unpredictable and afternoon
storms may blow in quickly. Be sure to have a weather plan
that includes a radio check if you will be far from shore.
Check the weather forecast just before leaving shore and be
willing to come in sooner than planned if the weather
appears threatening.

Boating can be a relaxing and fun experience. By observing a
few safety rules, it can remain that way on every outing.


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