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Vancouver Boat Tours and Charters operates year-round provides private boat tours for sightseeing and fishing charters.

Buying Your First Boat

All vehicles need a lot of thought before buying same is the
case with boats. Firstly you have to decide the reason for
buying the boat. Mostly people buy it for fun and recreation
therefore you need to make sure that the boat serves its
purpose well.

There are a number of pleasure boats available for various
recreational entertainments, so you'll need to narrow your
scope to those you plan to engage in. Remember also that
experience plays a big part in your decision. If you have
no experience with large crafts, keep your first boat to a
manageable size. It's easy to run into unfamiliar territory
until you become adept at being a sailor.

A big hit with boaters is the cruising boat. They are made
for the pure pleasure of cruising open water, including
lakes. Usually these boats have at least one cabin,
allowing you to spend nights afloat in idyllic settings.

Another type of boat is the fishing boat. These boats are
bought with the purpose of being used for fishing on fresh
or saltwater. There will be less room on a fishing boat for
passengers than there is on a cruising boat, however large
fishing boats may have one cabin that is perfect for the
longer fishing trip. If you're an avid fisherman you'll want
to choose the fishing type boat over other types of boats.

A third kind of boat that you may consider buying is a boat
used for water sports. If your passion is waterskiing or
wake boarding you'll want to have a boat that can give you
the speed that you need.

When you've made your decision as to type, your next
consideration is size. Think about how many functions you
want available for your excursions. The larger the boat the
more room there is for cabins, kitchen facilities, a head
and a deck room. If this is your first boat and you have a
budget to consider, it's fine to start out small. You can
always work up to a larger model as you gain boating

You may want to consider a pre-owned boat. This is one way
you can purchase a larger one and save yourself some money.
Contact a dealer specializing in used models or look for
boat owners that have a craft for sale, and buy directly
from them. The main attraction of a new boat is often the
existence of warranties and guarantees that will protect
you for the first year or so.

There are many different models that you can choose from
after you've decided on what type of boat you want to buy.
You don't always need to stick with the popular
manufacturers of boats since brand name isn't always what
it's cracked up to be.

In spite of the various decisions that you are required to
make before buying a boat don't forget that basically a boat
is a ticket to unlimited fun and adventure.

by Rob Battas

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Vancouver Boat Tours offers:

  • Hotel pick up
  • Skipper included
  • Charters and guided tours for sightseeing and fishing
  • Evening, half-day and full-day charters
  • Children are welcome
  • Large open rear deck
  • Command bridge with passenger seating
  • Cruise at a leisurely pace while enjoying the view


Pre-booking is advised, however, if it's the last minute, please call to check availability.

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