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Let's Go Fishing!

Fishing is a hobby for most people and there are many who
made a real passion from this activity. People love fishing
for different reasons. Some of them are just trying to relax
next to their friends on doing this activity. For other,
fishing represents a family tradition where father and their
kids are enjoying together this activity.

Fly fishing is yet another type of fishing that some people
enjoy. This type of fishing takes a bit more skill to master
but can be as fun and rewarding as the other types. Many
people who enjoy fly fishing also spend many hours creating
their own lures or "flies" to use. Regardless of what type
of fishing you enjoy you will need some basic equipment to
make it easy and fun for you to do.

Getting the Right Equipment

At the beginnings fishing poles had a basic look but they
were very effective on caching fish. Nowadays it is quite a
problem on choosing the right kind of pole because there are
such many kinds of them. However, the idea is to take that
kind of pole that mach to your fishing style. Another
important thing is to test the tool to fit comfortable in
your hands before you use it.

You also have to know that the length of your pole is
crucial when you are going on fishing. If you want to catch
some perches or crappies then your tool have to be about
four or six feet long. If the pole is long enough you can
easily catch fishes on brushy areas.

You might need to go for a longer rod when fishing for
catfish, bass and similar big fish. The rod should also be
flexible and durable. You shouldn't feel or hear any
cracking when you wobble the pole. If you are still having
problems choosing your rod, most sporting goods stores will
have employees that can help you.

Bait and Lures

Good fishing often depends on what kind of bait you use.
There are a lot of types and it is very important to choose
a proper one. Some fishers use synthetic lures, or even live
bait. The type and the size of the fish you are trying to
catch will also influence the size of the bait.

The art of catching fish has been improved over the years
and the kind of lures varies a lot because now these have
scents or movement. Many people give a lot of attention on
what lure is proper for them and this proves once again
their passion for fishing.

by Bob Carretel


Vancouver Boat Tours offers:

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  • Evening, half-day and full-day charters
  • Children are welcome
  • Large open rear deck
  • Command bridge with passenger seating
  • Cruise at a leisurely pace while enjoying the view



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