About Vancouver Boat Tours

About Vancouver Boat Tours:

Enjoy a days outing with Vancouver Boat Tours, we are a owner operated power boat, providing private boat tours for sightseeing and fishing in the protected waters of the Burrard Inlet, Howe Sound and the Straights of Georgia.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver Boat Tours was started purely by accident quite often when coming in to dock, members of the public would approach us requesting a day out on the water for sightseeing or fishing.

” So we just grew from there.”

The vessel is a 25 foot Bellbuoy, manufactured in Tacoma Washington. Bellboys are made to handle all kinds of weather, are designed for the waters of the Pacific Northwest, making this a very strong , stable and comfortable vessel. In comparison to other 25ft boats, wider than most you have more room to move around. With a command bridge for a better view. Our goal is to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

We gained our boating experience from plying the waters off the coast of Great Yarmouth and The Norfolk Broads in the UK, spending the past 20 years cruising the coastline of The Pacific Northwest

Our goal at Vancouver Boat Tours is to provide you with one the most enjoyable and pleasant days out boating and sightseeing you have ever experienced.

We specialize in providing knowledge, service combined with a safe and enjoyable days boating, offering value for money, with ever increasing fuel costs, our inexpensive charter rates include everything and are among the most reasonable and affordable you will find in Vancouver. Besides our special promotions and packages, a 2-hour cruise normally costs $215.00. Sit back and join us, cruise the sheltered waters of the Burrard Inlet, Howe Sound, Indian Arm, North Arm of the Fraser River, all the way to New Westminster.

We look forward to working with you to create just the days boating and sightseeing experience you’re looking for.


Vancouver Boat Tours

“Vancouver Boat Tours would love to take you boating”

Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of:

Annual Fireworks Competition “Celebration of Light “

July 1st. Fireworks. Canada Day

Vancouver’s Inner Harbor

Deep Cove

Indian Arm and Deep Cove

Bowen Island

Richmond River Rock Casino

The Sunshine Coast

Vancouver Boat Tours offers:

  • Hotel pick up
  • Skipper included
  • Charters and guided tours for sightseeing and fishing
  • Evening, half-day and full-day charters
  • Children are welcome
  • Large open rear deck
  • Command bridge with passenger seating
  • Cruise at a leisurely pace while enjoying the view